Wax Rolls

Where Quality does Matter...

After opening the doors in the industry in 1990, today waXon is the most recognized and leading wax rolls brand in the textile industry of Pakistan. The experience of waXon and the ability to understand the needs of industry has made the success come easier.

Located in the city of Lahore, today, all over the textile industry waXon is known for its quality which satisfies needs of the customers.

Best of the Bests...

The quality of waXon is maintained to meet the challenge of the 20th Century. The wax rolls are made using such paraffin and waxes so that it gives ideal silky wax finish to the yarn. This results in high rate of stitching without causing breakages.

The quality of the rolls has been approved by the pioneers of the industry by using them on machines such as Rieter, Murata, Savio/Volufil, Milhan, Corghi and Schlafhorst to name a few.

Behind the Scene...

The success would never have come about without the hard work of our technical staff. waXon is blessed with technical staff to test, analyze and apply knowledge in the production. Our products are made of high quality imported paraffin and chemicals. This meets the demand factor quite successfully. waXon's products are the end result of ongoing technical research and co-operation with the world's latest textile machines.

According to the type of yarn and temperature of the unit, the roll's melting point, oil contents and paraffin concentration is adjusted. This brings a lot of efficiency and finishing which leads to higher profits!

Flow Line Production...

waXon products are produced in wide range, ranging from different colors to different sizes. Molding the rolls to perfection is the result of latest efficient and highly technical machinery. Team waXon understands the value of technology so latest machines are used to give greater finish to the rolls.

The Environment is in Safe Hands...

waXon is playing its part by not using dyes and chemicals in production which are not environmental friendly or somehow destroy its beauty.

These environmental friendly wax rolls can be used in bobbin winder, two for one twister, grooved drum, trichiasis machine, air spinning loom, bobbin machine, sizing machine and reeling machine etc.

Typical Specifications of Raw Material

Item/Grade 56/58 ℃ (135 ℉) Paraffin Wax 58/60 ℃ (140 ℉) Paraffin Wax 60/64 ℃ (145 ℉) Paraffin Wax
Melting Point
(ASTM D87, ℉)
56-58 58-60 60-64
Oil Content
(ASTM D721, WT %)
0.5 0.5 0.5
+28/+30 +28/+30 +28/+30
Needle Penetration
(ASTM D1321, mm/10AT 77 ℉)
13 13 14
Kin. Viscosity
(ASTM D445, CST AT 212 ℉)
4.0 4.1 4.4
Odor Nil Nil Nil
Flash Point
(ASTM D92) ℃
248 250 254
Ultraviolet Absorbance
FDA 172-886,
FDA 178, 3710
Pass Pass Pass

The Friction Coefficients of Yarn and Thread Before / After Waxing

Species S Color of Yarn Friction Coefficient When Unwaxed Friction Coefficient After Waxed Waxing Efficiency Decrease
100 % cotton yarn 40-60 White 0.300 0.145 0.15 53
100 % cotton yarn 60-100 White 0.235 0.128 0.14 45
Wool yarn 20-28 White 0.380 0.185 0.17 51
Wool yarn 30-40 White 0.325 0.180 0.19 45
Synthetic cotton yarn 20-30 White 0.365 0.180 0.17 51
Synthetic cotton yarn 32-40 White 0.315 0.165 0.16 48
Terylene (acrylic fibres) 20-30 White 0.460 0.225 0.15 51
Terylene (acrylic fibres) 32-40 White 0.420 0.208 0.18 50
Mercerized cotton 30-40 White 0.330 0.160 0.17 51
Mercerized cotton 40-50 White 0.260 0.140 0.19 46
Mixed Spinning 8-20 White 0.340 0.180 0.22 47
Mixed Spinning 20-32 White 0.315 0.160 0.21 49

Wax Qualities for all Textile Machines and Textile Yarns

Quality Melting Point ℃ Penetration at 25 ℃ Range of Use
Yellow 60/62 10-11 Universal for cotton, wool, synthetic and blended yarns. Particularly suitable for fine yarns (finer than Nm 60) and for cotton/synthetic yarns also with high room temperatures (around 30 ℃).*
Green 59/61 19-20 Suitable for wool, cotton, rayon, viscose as well as blended and dyed yarns. Particularly suitable when a greater quantity of wax must be applied to the yarn: such as for wool, bleached yarns etc.*
SH-Green 59/61 14-15 Universal for wool, cotton and synthetic yarns. Particularly suitable when enhanced yarn sliding features are required and for yarns that will be stored up to three months.*
White 56/58 16-18 Particularly suitable for working directly with the yarn (knitting) after winding.*
Blue 56/58 24-25 Suitable for soft torsion yarns and weak tension in bleached yarns. Not suitable for room temperatures greater than 30 ℃.*
Red 56/58 22-25 Water soluble: for yarns that will then be dyed or bleached at finishing.**
Purple 60/62 22-25 Water soluble: for yarns that will then be dyed or bleached at finishing. For room temperatures greater than 25 ℃.**
Parasol E/3 Special 61/63 10-11 Water soluble: for yarns, cotton, synthetic fibres and blended yarns. For very high room temperatures (30-33 ℃).**

*    These waxes are water soluble by adding emulsifying agents during finishing.
**   These waxes are directly water soluble due to emulsifier contained in the wax.

Function of Environmental Textile Wax

Textile wax will reduce the friction coefficient of yarn and metal, ceramic, also reduce static which is caused by the friction between yarn and other objects when machine is running in high speed, remiges will be less, so that quality problems of knitting, needle hole jam, needle hole break, needle leak and thread break etc. will be improved. Through our professional test to get the friction coefficient of yarn, we will help you to find most fittable wax percentage.

Wax Size Table

Machinery Outer Diameter Height Inner Diameter Hole Type
Schlafhorst Ring 38 45 15.2 Round
Schlafhorst Open-End 38 45 13 Square
Murata (New) 38 32 15.5 Round
Murata (Old) 38 32 12.7 Round
Savio R.A.S./ Espero 38 45 15.2 Round
Savio / Volufil 38 45 13 Square
Milhan 45 25 16 Round
Corghi 45 25 13 Square
Rieter / RU14 Open-End 70 45 20.5 Square
Mettler 38 20 16 Round
Hacoba 45 25 11 Square
Hirchburger 38 25 16 Round